About Us

While working with natural ingredients in a wholesale capacity, Angela Barnsley became aware of how many of the well-known brands use harmful chemicals in their products, including Parabens, Sulphates and synthetic fragrances and colours.

Angela decided to create a few chemical-free products for herself. After receiving requests from friends and family for natural products, she realised that people are now more aware of chemicals, and there was a need for a pure, safe, effective and reasonably priced skincare range. After a lot of research, product development and ingredient sourcing, Heaven Essence was established and now provides a comprehensive range of handmade natural skincare products.

Whilst pregnant Angela developed a range of baby products using the finest, most gentle ingredients available. After her second child was discovered to have severe food allergies and eczema Angela was grateful to have a non-irritating range of skincare for him, that helped soothe and heal his delicate skin without the use of steroids and cortisone cream.

The Products

Heaven Essence product ingredients are sourced from the finest nut and seed oils, unrefined butters and waxes and 100% pure essential oils. The ingredients are selected and blended for the best possible performance in nourishing the skin, leaving it cleaner, brighter and healthier.

Heaven Essence products contain NO parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals, and are free from synthetic fragrances and colours.

Each Heaven Essence product is handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

Made with love in Western Australia.

Some products contain nut oils. If any products cause discomfort or irritation, please discontinue use immediately.